Gregory S. Baker
Jones/Bibee Endowed Assoc.
Professor of Geophysics

Near Surface and
Environmental Geophysics

Photo of Dr Gregory S. Baker

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      Geophysics offers:

·         a background in math and physics that allows us to think analytically

·         a background in geology that allows us to think spatially and create models

·         a solid knowledge of computers and computing

·         an ability to deal with uncertainty



With their four dimensional minds
and in their inter-disciplinary ultraverbal way,
geologists can wriggle out of about anything.
-New Yorker, Nov. '92


A geophysicist is a person who passes as an exacting expert, on the basis of being able to churn out, with prolific fortitude, infinite amounts of data, gathered to micro-metric precision by persons of questionable I.Q. and mentality with the aid of very expensive "black box" machines of dubious integrity based on incomplete experiments for the avowed purpose of confounding Geologists, who are already on the lunatic fringe of society.
-Author Unknown


Everything we know is only some kind of approximation,
because we know that we do not know all the laws as yet.
Therefore, things must be learned only to be unlearned again
or, more likely, to be corrected
-Richard Feynman, Six Easy Pieces